Question of the Week

7th July – What is your greatest achievement this year?

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.  Franklin D Roosevelt

Never mistake activity for achievement. John Wooden

Before you go away – Geographers!

GCSE Geographers:

  • Don’t forget to hand in (by email to your teacher) – a rough draft of your Controlled Assessment Chapter 1 (Purpose), before the end of term next week.
  • Your teacher will give your detailed verbal feedback on your work, either as a sound file, Screencast video, or in person in September.
  • You can also look at ideas in a “Model Answer” version on a different topic – to show you what makes best practice. This has been emailed to most students already or from 

Give Geog its place

Business Education TV and Radio – W/B 5th July

In the table below are a few suggested ports of call particularly to students Of Business and Economics (but don’t let this exclude you if you’re interested) to help improve your general knowledge of the subjects.

I would be interested in your comments at

An addendum – I also tweet about Business and Economics – Check out “MountsorrelAndy” at Twitter.

Listing for the week beginning Saturday 5th July:




Programme Number



Shop Girls


9-10.00 pm



Programme that examines the growth of working women in the retail industry.

Talking Business With Linda Yeuh


8.30-9.00 pm


BBC News Channel

Excellent business analysis programme.

Wake Up To Money

Mon to Fri

5.15-6.00 am


Radio 5

Excellent daily digest of business and economics news. 

Podcast available.

The Bottom Line


5.30-6.00 pm

6 / 9

Radio 4

Topical discussion with top business people.

Podcast available.

Money Box


12.04-12.30 pm


Radio 4

Topical consumer and business news.

Podcast available.

On The Money


11.00 – 12.00 pm


Radio 5

Topical consumer and business news.

Podcast available.

This is only a selection of the excellent BBC broadcasts. For a full listing check out the following web page –

This is the last posting for this school year – See you at the end of August !


After what can only be described as organise chaos, may I thank every individual in the Academy – students, site staff and colleagues for what turned out to be a tremendous day.

Some amazing examples of entrepreneurship where shown by the students and special congratulations need to go to them for their efforts.

The Year 10 winners were LBU/NRO.

The Year 12 winners were SMO/SGR.

Each member of the group’s received their medals and vouchers – the certificates will be with students by Friday.

There is still one area to clear up. I’d be grateful if all students could complete their self-evaluations – remember there is a prize for the best three reflective pieces. These need returning to ACW before the end of school on Friday 4th July – there is a post box in the Oaks outside my office.

If staff could complete an evaluation form for the day (in pigeon holes) and return them to me by the end of school on Monday 7th July, I would be grateful too.

Thank you again for everyone’s tremendous efforts.

Mr Collingwood



It’s Enterprise Day…..

Important things not to forget:

1)      Have you made your appointments to see the advisers in 01 ?

The appointments run between 10.00 and 12.00

Year 10′s book at the Main School Office.

Year 12′s at the 6th Form Office

2)      Have you collected your resource box from the Oaks ?

If you’re in Year 10 you also need a camera to video your presentation

3)      Paper Business Plans must be completed by 1.00 pm.

Year 10 groups must deliver them to the Oaks.

Year 12 groups are delivering to the 6th form office as activities are completed.

4)      Year 10 video presentations need to be copied to:

P Drive – Full Access – ACW – Enterprise Day – Year 10 Film’s

5)      If you take any photo’s during the day, why not put a copy of them at:

P Drive – Full Access – ACW – Enterprise Day – Photo’s

Question of the Week

30th July – Why are first impressions so important?

‘You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.’

This week our new Year 10 and Year 7 will be taking part in Induction.  It is crucial that they get a really good impression of Bosworth Academy and all the people in it.   This is an opportunity to stop and think about about what kind of impression that you give from your behaviour, attitude, actions etc.  As the quote makes clear we need to be aware that often our first impression is the lasting one and we need to do all that we can to make it a good one!