GCSE English Language exam Tuesday 2nd June

GCSE English Language exam Tuesday 2nd June

2 hours

Unit 1

Answer four questions, each worth 10 marks

Spend no more than 15 minutes per question

Point, evidence

Point, evidence, explain for a ‘How’ question

10 PE/PEE chains = 10 marks

Unit 2

TWO 30 minutes tasks, you MUST complete both

Remember TAPS

Text Type




7 different types of writing:

  • Formal letter

  • Informal letter

  • Speech

  • Review

  • Report

  • Leaflet

  • Article

Be technically accurate.  Fullstops. Punctuation. Apostrophes. Spellings.

Proof Read

There, They’re, Their

GCSE Geography: Are you one of the “Magic 56?”

Year 11 Geography students: you have two exams left – unit 2 and 3…

The Magic 56 – are the 56 from 150 students in Year 11 who have not yet joined – if that is you

…to prepare effectively for these you must join the GCSE GeographyRevision Google Classroom https://classroom.google.com/c/MjY3NjgxNDFaCapture2

You will need to get Mr Blackmore to invite you (email him on matthewb153@bosworthacademy.org.uk) or use the class code Capture2

Then make sure you visit the May 19th post – it has resources and instructions to help you tackle the remaining material. Be active in terms of making notes – never passively read or listen to materials. Well done, nearly there – remember hard work = good grades.

Question of the Week

May 18th – How can we use the Academy community to motivate us?

Take time to read the messages which scroll across the top of the cloud and reflect on what they mean to you and how you can use them to motivate yourself for your coming exams/challenges ahead.  Aim to be one of the Bosworth Alumni writing similar messages in the future.

Army Day May 21st All Years

All Years

We still have places for the army day on May 21st  which will take place on site. The day is not only aimed at students considering a career in the forces but  would be useful for anyone considering a career in any uniformed services requiring a high level of fitness . The day is aimed primarily at Year 10 but you are welcome to take part  if you are in Year 11 or Post 16 if you do not have exams or revision classes to attend.Please get a letter and consent form from Mrs Rickell in MLT.


GCSE Geography – 1 Week until 1st exam!

Download (PDF, 40KB)

We’re nearly there geographers…! What can we do in the remaining time to get great marks? Here are some ways to get the most out f the time left:

  • Keep up to date with materials posted on google classroom
  • Attend the last 2 after school revision sessions – weds nights in H4
  • watch the 2x screen-cast videos on how to tackle past papers
  • Do a 2, a 4 and a 6 or 8+3 marker for each topic using your notes
  • Send them to your teacher for marking and feedback
  • Get a Pocket Geography Exam Guide – see Mr Blackmore

Remember – hard work = good grades – keep it up for the last bit!