Book of the Week


On the morning of its first birthday, a baby was found floating in a cello case in the middle of the English Channel.

Everyone thinks Sophie is an orphan, one of the few survivors of a shipwreck in the English Channel.  She lives a happy, if unconventional, life with her eccentric guardian Charles, but now she is twelve, she often thinks of her mother and is sure she survived the shipwreck too. Despite being told this is almost impossible she and Charles set off to Paris to find her mother because you should never ignore a possible.”

With the help of her new friends, the daring “rooftoppers”,  her quest becomes a race against time across the rooftops of Paris as the authorities close in.

See the author talking about her book here:

Katherine Rundell


Virtual Stock Exchange Game launch…..

Have you got the skills to invest £100,000 of virtual money into an online stock market?

If so, you could do it with 300,000 other students nationwide in this interactive online share trading game. We hope that you become part of one of these teams this year.

If you win you will earn £2000 for the school, and get your team an all-expenses paid week in New York as well as £200 spending money for each participant. You and up to three others can join in and play on Monday lunch times (late lunch – 13.25 to 2.05) in Room B1.

For more information there are leaflets available in the Compass, see the notice outside of B1 or talk to Hannah Banks and Brandon Cox of 12ACW.

Question of the Week

How can we be lights in our community? (Diwali – Thursday 23rd October)

Diwali is a Hindu and Sikh festival.  Leicester has the biggest Diwali celebration of any city outside India.  Diwali is referred to as the Festival of Light.  The festival celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance.

‘Let your light shine before others so that they see your good works.’   Jesus

‘And as we let our own light shine we give other people permission to do the same.’  Nelson Mandela

How can you be Enterprising?

More coming shortly.

— November is International Enterprise month………

Student Voice

We want you all to feel that your opinion counts. To that end we have asked faculties to gather your feedback about each subject by Christmas so that they can start to improve your learning experiences. This will be on-line and in focus groups. Please be constructive when you are given this opportunity. Also don’t forget to see me if you are interested in getting involved in any of the community projects we talked about in the assembly two weeks ago.  This includes Bugsy Malone, the Film Studio and the Community Garden.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say!

Mr Claricoates

November is International Enterprise month………

How can you be Enterprising?

More coming shortly…………….

Business Education TV and Radio – W/B 11th October

In the table below are a few suggested ports of call particularly to students Of Business and Economics (but don’t let this exclude you if you’re interested) to help improve your general knowledge of the subjects. The autumn schedules will build up so there will many more programmes to consider in the next few weeks.

I would be interested in your comments at I have had a number of positive comments and conversations with students who have watched some of the listed programmes.

An addendum – I also tweet about Business and Economics – Check out “MountsorrelAndy” at Twitter.

Listing for the week beginning Saturday 11th October:




Programme Number



The   Apprentice

Tues and   Wed

9.00-10.00   pm

1 and 2/12


The return of the classic…..

Swap My Council House


10.35 – 11.25 pm



Programme that investigates the impact of the so called “Bedroom Tax” on peoples life’s in Council Housing



8.00-9.00 pm



Topical business and consumer programme.

Tonight – Future Transport


7.30-8.00 pm



Programme looking at the effect of transport policy on   the UK and how it affects the public.

Wake Up To Money

Mon to Fri

5.15-6.00 am


Radio 5

Excellent daily digest of business and economics news.  

Podcast available.

Money Box


12.04-12.30 pm


Radio 4

Topical consumer and business news.

Podcast available.

Book of the Week


I used to be all the things that a teenage girl should be – normal, happy, outgoing.  I had friends, and I had dreams.  I did well at school, and I was popular.  My life was easy and I had my entire future to think about . . . .

A predator walked into our lives.  The sort of monster you never think you’ll meet . . . he caught my life in his web and wrapped me up so tight that I will never be able to escape.

This is a powerful and gripping pageturner from Leicester author Bali Rai in which 16 year old Lily enters an online nightmare.  Benedict in America seems to be the lad of her dreams, someone who really understands her, but is he all he seems?


Question of the Week

Week beginning Monday 6th October

How can you be more aspirational?

You have to have a big vision and take very small steps to get there.  Jason Calcanis

Having an aim is the key to achieving your best.  Henry Kaiser

Skills Show Thursday October 9th

Skills Show trip   Thursday October 9th

Please meet on the bus car park at 11 o’clock.Remember to bring  your  yellow permission slip and a packed lunch.Be on time!

Madame Delâge-Martin